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The view: Killingworth, Connecticut

The pilot: Lindsay Petre

The aircraft: Robinson R22

The mission: Long solo cross country for private pilot certification

The memory: Nearing the end of my rotorcraft private add-on, I accomplished the three-point solo cross-country. With the collective friction on, I had a hand free to grab a couple of photos. This one was actually taken by accident, but I thought it was kind of a fun view.

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      • jim Woodford
        jim Woodford says:

        Your shiny shoes picture brought back memories of my days as a line Captain since I was known for my shiny shoes ( actually side zip calfskin black boots ). Instead of off the rack uniforms I had mine ” bespoke ” or tailor made in London. Those wonderful tailors would even sew a crease into the trousers so they never became baggy from long sitting on transatlantic flights. I was meticulous in my dress because I was the same way in my flight preparations and everything to do with flying. Nowadays I suppose that sounds over the top but it served me well over a long career and I was proud to wear the colours of the airlines I worked for.


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