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The view: Watching the sun set from 12,000 feet

The pilot: James Mauch

The airplane: Cirrus SR22T

The mission: KAPF to KLOU

The memory: It had been a long day already – 2 hour flight training in Naples and then dodging thunderstorms in southern GA on my way to Louisville. The peace in that view was a welcome sight which relaxed me before I arrived in Louisville with a 40 KT blow from 290, forcing me to abandon 2 approaches at KLOU and divert to KSDF.

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  1. Pat from Air Facts
    Pat from Air Facts says:

    Years ago, I was at an aviation trade show/conference and aviation author Ralph Hood was on the schedule to deliver a “motivational speech.” That was the last thing I was in the mood for and sat in the audience with my arms crossed (mentally, not physically!) The theme of Ralph’s talk was “It’s clear on top” meaning you go through trials and tribulations but then break out to where it’s beautiful and sunny again. That was many years ago, but I have often said to myself “It’s clear on top” and persevered. This photo reminds me of that.

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