Friday Photo: Chicago fly-by

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The view: Southbound, looking to the west and Downtown Chicago

The pilot: David V. Dow

The photographer: Taken by David V. Dow and processed by John P. Donica

The aircraft: American Champion Citabria 7GCAA

The mission: Headed back to M01 (Dewitt Spain Airport, at Memphis)

The memory: I had been in Chicago on business the day before. It was a beautiful morning. Skies were mostly clear. Visibility was unlimited. Air was calm. Temperature was cool (it was late-September). Great day to fly. I had just departed O6C (Schaumburg Regional), about to head home. I decided to take a tour of downtown Chicago, from out over Lake Michigan. Chicago Approach was very cooperative. Shot with my iPhone.

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  • David, thank you for sharing your Chicago Fly-By, very interesting. Could you share your Chicago Approach radio call exchange? Thank you.

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