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Welcome to our latest Caption Contest at Air Facts, where we post a photo and call on our very talented readers to provide a caption for that photo. Check out our most recent one below and if an amusing or clever caption comes to mind, just post it as a comment. In two weeks, we’ll cut off this contest and the staff of Air Facts will choose their favorite caption.

You will be rewarded for your effort! The winning caption writer will receive a prize: a personally autographed copy of Richard Collins’ latest book, Logbooks: Life in Aviation.

Good luck and have fun!

Update – we have a winner!

Congratulations to Doug Olson of Massachusetts. He wrote the winning caption: “Makin noise and blowin smoke. How sweet it is!”

John Zimmerman
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  1. Lindsay K Tallon
    Lindsay K Tallon says:

    The investment in a new cabin ventilation system was greatly appreciated by the crew after the annual Air Force chilli fly-in.

  2. Steve R
    Steve R says:

    Smoke ‘me if you got ’em? “I am not sure this is what they meant, sir.”


    “Not sure if they really thought this new stealth technology out.”

  3. Eric
    Eric says:

    “Sorry boys, had the lentil soup and broccoli for lunch.”


    “Ooops, sorry Cap. DUMP LAVATORY is right next to JATO button”


    “Clean burning coal…PFFFT”

  4. Don Shannon
    Don Shannon says:

    Ahhh, Tower, say again please – last traffic covered by outside noise.
    Ahhh, thought we copied proceed to “karbunn futtprint – and ahhh, that fix is unfamiliar – requesting vectors…

  5. Nikojorj
    Nikojorj says:

    The reptilian pilot let show the faint, awkward smile of his kin : with such a chemtrail cocktail, he himself began to doubt that JFK had actually killed Elvis after all.

  6. Sam C.
    Sam C. says:

    Tower: “Sledgehammer 1, you are cleared direct to 20,000 feet and by the way the CO would like to inform you that the pancake breakfast has been cancelled.”

    Sledgehammer1: “Tower, I can’t hear a d..n thing you’re saying. I think this VSI is broken, standby.”

  7. Temel T
    Temel T says:

    – Hey Joe, I am glad you joined me for a lunch-and-fly today.
    – Sure, call me anytime Bob. What does this switch do?

  8. John Bookas
    John Bookas says:

    They said some day you’ll find
    All who love are blind
    When your heart’s on fire, you must realize
    Smoke gets in your eyes

  9. shayhurs
    shayhurs says:

    Having successfully converted the hot air and bombast coming out of the WH into an productive energy source, the Air Force today successfully placed a remote controlled B-52 into Geosynchronous orbit.

  10. Andrew Svatek
    Andrew Svatek says:

    Copilot: “Why are we doing an 18 JATO bottle takeoff sir?”

    Captain: “Because we can’t fit on any more”

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