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The view: The Golden Gate Bridge

The pilot: Ian Flint

The photographer: My coworker and co-pilot for the day, Vivek

The airplane: Cessna 172S

The mission: San Francisco Bay tour

The memory: As a new pilot, I’ve been nervous about going through class B airspace. Today was a perfect VFR day, and I took the plunge. I took a trip up the California coast past Half Moon Bay, across San Francisco, and then straight down highway 101 past KSFO. The controllers were fast and furious, but the flight was beautiful and uneventful. It felt great to get back to home base in Palo Alto with another accomplishment under my belt.

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  1. Gordy Weigle
    Gordy Weigle says:

    Very nice view; brings back many fond memories of an extended weekend in San Francisco. Several years ago a friend and I flew my Comanche from Phoenix with plans to rent a car at Half Moon Bay and drive the remaining distance. We chose Half moon Bay merely to avoid heavy traffic, but discovered that it was already partially fog covered at midday. Proceeding up the coastline, at pattern altitude I swung wide around the Golden Gate for a spectacular view, and then onward into Hayward airport. While on long right-base, I spotted a 727 on a very steep nose-high final approach; so elected to circle for a few minutes to avoid possible wake turbulence before dropping into final approach. Beautiful country up San Fran way; another trip there is on my bucket list – with plans to visit the Alcatraz prison museum (it was booked-up during our described trip). Best wishes for Happy flying!

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