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The view: The Florida Keys at sunset from 1,000 feet

The pilot: David Compo

The airplane: Piper Comanche 250

The mission: Flying to Key West for dinner with my brother and a friend

The memory: I was down for a building convention in Ft. Lauderdale for my custom home building group and we had a dinner scheduled near the hotel. Since my brother, Christopher, and I had flown down for this event from Michigan (Y47) in my Comanche, we decided to take another builder and fly to Key West for dinner on Duvall Street. We took off out of Ft. Lauderdale Executive and got out low over the water to follow the shoreline down and stay under the air traffic all along the coast, flying about 100 feet above the water on a beautiful evening. Once we got past the southern tip of the mainland I climbed to 1,000, the sun started setting and my brother shot this beautiful photo above the ocean the beginning of the Keys.

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