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John Zimmerman
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  1. Ed
    Ed says:

    For the hold in the missed approach at HXD a teardrop is an option and puts the aircraft in a better position after the first turn when returning to the fix.

  2. Jim Macklin CFIIASME and ATP AMEL-CP ASES
    Jim Macklin CFIIASME and ATP AMEL-CP ASES says:

    Question 1 did not say you were cleared for the approach. A teardrop and hold unless and until cleared for the approach.

  3. Tom Werner
    Tom Werner says:

    There is no FAR requiring to report entering a holding pattern. The AIM states that holding pattern entry “should” be reported. It should be remembered that nothing in the AIM is mandatory, unless backed up by FAR. You will never be violate due to a statement in AIM’s.
    Many report holding pattern entry as a matter of habit. Very few report exiting a hold, although the AIM states that this “should” be reported as well.

  4. Jose
    Jose says:

    Wow! Now I know why people say Read The Freaking Question. My two mistakes were from not reading carefully. Oops! On number two I thought I was flying from the opposite direction and the last one I don’t know what I was looking at. Next time, I’ll have a second cup of coffee and wait a little later before I attempt any of this. It upsets me because I knew both answers. Oh, well.

  5. Mike Major
    Mike Major says:

    I haven’t flown for years and at 69 years of age i love the idea of doing an ifr course. Probably wouldn’t pass the medical though. Doing some private studying of the principles of ifr flight and really enjoy this website and its questions. Very well done to all.

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