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Welcome to our latest Caption Contest at Air Facts. Once a month, we post a photo and call on our very talented readers to provide a caption for that photo. Check out our most recent one below and if an amusing or clever caption comes to mind, just post it as a comment. In two weeks, we’ll cut off this contest and the staff of Air Facts will choose their favorite caption.

You will be rewarded for your effort! The winning caption writer will receive a prize: a personally autographed copy of Richard Collins’ latest book, Logbooks: Life in Aviation.

Good luck and have fun!


Update – we have a winner!

Congratulations to Jim McCarthy of California. He submitted the winning caption:

AAA’s new premium service.

John Zimmerman
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  1. spacer
    spacer says:

    “Look Harb! I caught me one! They said ya can’t lasso a wild Cessna, but I showed ’em!”

  2. Mark Sletten
    Mark Sletten says:

    “Aerial fuel delivery made possible a new cross-country speed record set by Bubba Johnston and Skeeter Swindell (operating the hose) in their specially modified 1957 GMC pickup.”

  3. Jim Macklin CFIIASME and ATP AMEL-CP ASES
    Jim Macklin CFIIASME and ATP AMEL-CP ASES says:

    Hold on tight, just slide down the rope. He’ll drive you the last 10 miles to the ranch.

  4. Roger w DiRuscio
    Roger w DiRuscio says:

    got him, told you I wouldn’t let him get away this time.
    I told you you could not go flying until you cleaned your room.
    New sport of hook fish from my Cessna goes bad

  5. John Francis
    John Francis says:

    “…And that’s when your Grandma said to me: Why don’t you just put a tank of extra fuel in another aeroplane, ya darn fool?”

  6. Lou
    Lou says:

    “Son, I told you that you had to milk them cows before you could go flyin, now get back here.”

  7. Stan the Man
    Stan the Man says:

    Hillbilly Harry to Peter the Pilot: “Next time just relieve yourself out the damn door….this is ridiculous!!!!!”

  8. Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas says:

    It was at that moment that John began to have doubts about full-scale control line models.

  9. Dave Sandidge
    Dave Sandidge says:

    “Ahhh, you young whipper snappers!! Cell phones…?! We had our own way of making long-distance calls WAAAAY before you had these new-fangled cell phones.”

  10. Jeff Baum
    Jeff Baum says:

    And that’s how Aunt Alice handled our “only one bag in the plane per person” policy!

  11. Stan
    Stan says:

    “This is the economy charter. You have to pay extra if you want the plane to pick you up at the FBO”

  12. Dan
    Dan says:

    Hey Roscoe, I’ve heard of hand propping but never using a pick up to “pull start” . Just remember to let go !!

  13. Jorge Lange
    Jorge Lange says:

    Errata (ok, i think I got it right this time : )

    “Remember: a right turn after I release the cable!”

  14. Marguerite Herald
    Marguerite Herald says:

    for Photo #7:

    I tell ya, these shredders have definitely reached higher levels.

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