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The view: The Grand Island Mansion

The pilot: Rick Torres

The airplane: Light Sport Remos GX

The mission: Nothing like first flight of the morning in Northern California, watching as the sun peeks over the Sierras. My favorite time of day for a local flight.

The memory: The morning light makes everything so crystal clear and the crisp morning air here provides a slippery smooth flight. Today was over the lush, rich farmland of the Sacramento River Delta. The flight originated from Sacramento Executive (KSAC), downtown Sacramento. 10 minutes in any direction provides many different beautiful scenes like the Grand Island Mansion. My wife and I love the special Sunday brunch here. The lush grounds take you back in a time portal to the speakeasy days of the 1930s. You can just imagine the famous guests arriving by paddle boat for an extravagant weekend. The famous Ryde Hotel is just around the river bend.

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