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John Zimmerman
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      • JT Willingham
        JT Willingham says:

        Hi John. Either the answers to the question are listed incorrectly, or the provided picture for the plate we are supposed to be looking at is the incorrect plate. The answers are listing waypoints that do not exist on the provided picture of the plate, and none of the other answers work, either.

        • Larry
          Larry says:

          Not being so use to Gov’t Charts, but that being said, you could say ? that the “missed app”, IS a “flyover”, because of the circle around it, BUT, it has NO 5-letter WPT identifier??

  1. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    Hey John, great quiz. As I’m just preparing for FAA IR FP the questions seemed familiar to me ,-) Last question also worked for me…

  2. Frederick Spencer
    Frederick Spencer says:

    Got 9 out of 9. Thanks for the quiz. But don’t worry. I know that a good pilot NEVER stops learning.

  3. Chuck Stone
    Chuck Stone says:

    I enjoyed taking this quiz. With all the time I have flying for small regional airlines, I never did an RNAV (GPS) approach. I’ll have to get some sim time and try a couple.

  4. John
    John says:

    Great quiz. A good refresher for those who have that very valuable IFR rating, and a good learning tool for those who do not. Thanks.

  5. Bruce Walls
    Bruce Walls says:

    Your last question asked for flyover waypoints. The correct answer was the first one. If you had asked for the missed approach point, the correct answer would be the third one!
    You need to revise your question or change your answer!

  6. Robert
    Robert says:

    Great quiz thanks a lot : Great to have these little quizzes to stay fresh when you have a spare 10 minutes. More please. Much appreciated.

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