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WAAS approaches have made instrument approaches more accurate and more available than ever before, but they have also introduced a slew of new acronyms. In this month’s tip, Jason Miller of The Finer Points of Flying explores the LPV approach, a type of WAAS approach that acts like a precision approach but technically is not. So how do you fly an LPV approach? How do you know when you can fly one? What indications should you look for on your GPS navigator? Watch this six minute video tip for some practical advice.

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John Zimmerman
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  1. Bill Jones
    Bill Jones says:

    Excellent work John. You consolidated a lot of misunderstandings in one well spoken video.

    Please add one on +V/VDA where it walks like an LPV Duck, quacks like an LPV duck, but….not so fast.

    See also: Understanding pilots responsibilities in the visual segment.

    Bill Jones


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