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Editor’s note: This is the latest installment in our weekly series called simply the “Friday Photo.” Each week we’ll share a great photo taken from the cockpit – one that shares the joy, beauty or fun of flying. If you’d like to join in, send your photo and description (using the format below) to: [email protected]

NJ airport

The view: Aeroflex Andover Airport in Andover, NJ

The pilot: Joe Percario

The airplane: Cessna 150

The mission: 47N to 12N. An afternoon flying above northern New Jersey lakes and mountains to find the short runway (1,897 long) with a great view.

The memory: It was one of those beautiful afternoons in December when the sky was so clear, crisp and my workday was cut short by my longing to fly. Being a new pilot, every time I fire up the plane I get goosebumps. The excitement of not knowing what to expect keeps me going further, like a child sneaking out of his yard for a look around. This afternoon I decided to go north, not really having an absolute destination but just enjoying the view of the New Jersey landscape. New Jersey is an interesting state because when I left I was leaving from low flatland and in a short 5 nm I was flying out above mountains and then beautiful lake-lined regions.

I never forgot the time my flight instructor had me chart to this particular airport. It was a practice short field spot that I really didn’t get a good look at with my instructor because I was so concentrated on flying with my gorilla grip and landing safely.That day we were doing a short field landings and takeoffs and in New Jersey it’s hard to find a good short airport. So as a venture north I found it again but now with all of my four months of flying under my belt I could look around and even let go of the controls and snap this picture. Freedom to fly is one of the most wonderful feelings.


Joe Percario
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  1. Gaston Denault
    Gaston Denault says:

    Hey ! About moore VDO on anny thing is Flying !!!!!!! Or Friday Photo or the Aiport of the week…You see I am a ex-pilot en ex-Ing….I am 75 Years old and still love-it….Thank You Merci beaucoup.

  2. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    Rob: Not really…more like gently rolling hills. But they seem big, I guess, to us flatlanders.

    And Aeroflex (12N) is one of the prettiest fields in NJ. But, with lakes at both ends, and not a lot of tarmac, you do have to bring your “A” game especially if the winds are coming from the NW; there is a ridge to the right of this photo that can make the approach over the lake a little sporty sometimes.

    Had a Cherokee based here for a while…nice field, nice people, some great flying out of there.

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