steep turn
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steep turn

The view: Beautiful skies in the local practice area in a 45 degree steep turn.

The pilot: Chris McGonegle

The airplane: C182 Skylane

The mission: Knocking the rust off the steep turn muscles.

The memory: I remember initially practicing this maneuver over a decade ago with my instructor (Cory) and learning how valuable pitch trim is during the maneuver. That was a big help practicing the maneuver again all these years later.

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Chris McGonegle
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  1. Daniel Bowles
    Daniel Bowles says:

    I choose NOT to trim during a 45 degree banked turn. I want to feel the pressures necessary for hold the aircraft level in the turn, and then upon the rollout from the turn, to not have to re-trim the elevator. (7,400 hour CFII)


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