Special Report

Flying clubs, old and new


Flying clubs have been around since the beginning of aviation, but they are receiving increased attention lately. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has spent a lot of time investigating the flying club model, and it seems clear that, when done properly, clubs can reduce the cost and increase the fun of learning to fly.

Trouble in Paradise?


Aviation has lost none of its ability to provide incredible, life-enhancing experiences. It’s safer than ever before, and there are millions of people out there with the time and money to fly. We also have an incredibly strong community. Aviation seems to have an uncanny way of attracting some of the finest people in the world, and in this work ahead of us, they are probably our most important asset of all.

From frustration to aspiration


Modern educational theories have a lot to say about the importance of meaningful experience, personal relevance (aspiration), and “scaffolding” to support and strengthen the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills. I can’t help but think – or at least hope – that a flight training program that uses these principles for training and post-training support could do a lot to get ‘em flying … and keep ‘em flying, too.